Full-time PET college teachers 

Would you like to work as a full-time PET college teacher?
We offer a degree programme designed especially for full-time PET college teachers.

Admission requirements

  • Tertiary-level type A qualification (degree from a Swiss cantonal university, federal institute of technology, university of teacher education, or university of applied sciences); or tertiary-level type B qualification (degree from a Swiss professional college, Federal PET Diploma, Advanced Federal PET Diploma) or equivalent qualification
  • Teaching experience
  • Recommendation letter from a Swiss professional college (tertiary-level type B)

1,800 hours of training over at least a two-year period: twelve modules comprising 150 hours of training each.
Total of 60 ECTS credits awarded. 

Federally-recognised degree

Module 1:  Planning and implementing education and training activities
Module 2:  Planning and implementing apprenticeship activities within an institutional context
Module 3:  Planning and implementing learning situations
Module 4:  Designing and initiating learning processes
Module 5:  Testing, assessing and developing competencies
Module 6:  Designing interaction processes in a professional manner in various contexts
Module 7:  Working with other VET/PET professionals
Module 8:  Working effectively in vocational school and VET/PET system bodies
Module 9:  Understanding and using important didactical approaches required for specific occupational fields
Module 10:  Including didactical approaches required for specific occupational fields in planning and teaching activities
Module 11:  Degree dissertation
Module 12:  Degree dissertation

Zollikofen and Zurich

CHF 2150.– (covering both administrative costs and training)

Regula Künzi-Minder, regula.kuenzi@ehb-schweiz.ch